1st Győr Balloon Fiesta

1st Győr Balloon Cup
40th Hungarian Hot Air Balloon National Championship

1st Győr Balloon Fiesta

This year’s national championship will be hosted by the city of Győr from 7 to 11 July 2021, putting plenty of colorful hot air balloons to the city’s sky. As the event is open, competitors can come from both inside and outside the borders.
The race flights will take place from Thursday to Saturday in the mornings and evenings, and the last one on Sunday morning. During flights, hot air balloon pilots must perform various precision tasks after a joint or individual launch to earn points.
The pilot with the most points – whether being foreign or domestic – will win the 1st Győr Balloon Cup, and the Hungarian pilot being in the best position will be the 2021 national champion.

7-11 JUL, 2021

Competition tasks can be virtual or physical. Physical tasks represent spectacular aim-throws on huge crosshairs at various, iconic locations in the city, while virtual tasks are performed at high altitudes by the pilots.
A hot air balloon fiesta will take place in parallel with the competition. Pilots applying for the fiesta will not earn points but will be able to complete the tasks in the same way for fun.

The event is established in cooperation with the Municipality of Győr, Győr Projekt Kft., GoBalloon and MolnAir Ballooning.

The main patron of the event is Dr. Csaba András Dézsi, Mayor of Győr.

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